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Latest Reviews

I love this product. I have been taking them for a while now and they have helped me keep my weight down wether I am exercising or not. I take them daily in the morning. I have had no adverse reactions to them. Definitely 5/5
Heidi L
Back In September I decided to make a few changes, do detox for a month and lose a bit of weight. My lifestyle is reasonably active so I don't really exercise as such. I don't drive so I walk everywhere. I normally take one of these tablets as soon as I get up in the morning and on occasion I will take a second before 3PM.
Leon M
At 40 I realise that my metabolism is slowing down so I am now on a OMAD. I needed something to kick start my morning sessions, and this product has delivered that. My 1hr morning sessions feels like a 30mins session now and I still have energy through out the day.
Bobby H
South Carolina
I usually do not write reviews unless really impressed and I am really impressed by this product. I didn't have any side effects to begin with and my body feels a little warm. I am 51 and was weighing 200 lbs 10 days ago. Now I am feeling much better, leaner and showing great muscle growth.
Isaac J
This has got to be one of the best fat burners I've used and I've tried a few. I recently tried a different brand as it was a little cheaper however regretted when i noticed i had put weight on. If you use this properly the results are fantastic.
Kirsty M
Wanted to shift some weight and wanted to have something to assist so tried Clenbuterol. Along with changing my diet these have helped me lose 12kg in the last 3 months.
Joanne W
This product works. Obviously you need to use it with a workout plan but it definitely works. I have also changed my diet plan and it has done an incredibly job of delivering visible results in a short space of time.
Johnny B
New Jersey
I have tried a few different products, this is by far the best. The results are visible much quicker. The increase in sex drive is definitely worth the price. Definitely recommend it.
Bill K
I was very sceptical when ordering but im glad I did, perfect service and now I feel great. Test levels back! Results I wanted and will be ordering more in the future.
Charles A
Fantastic product for the gym increases stamina and pump would highly recommend. Ive used these guys for over 5 years. Always come back to Gary.
Larry J
Been taking these now for 4 weeks and can honestly say I feel great, better mood more energy and basically just feel better all round… world definitely recommend 👍
John D
Las Vegas
I ordered these to help with improving my testosterone levels and general health and wellbeing & I received my order on time with no problems.
Juan Z
New Mexico
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