Testosterone Propionate


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Testosterone Propionate is currently one of the most widely used steroids in the world.

This type of testosterone is popular because of its fast-acting ester, propionate. The results and side effects caused by this testosterone are mostly identical to those of the other forms, but its greatest difference is the length of its active life. Testosterone Propionate users have less water retention compared to other types.

Benefits of Testosterone Propionate:

  1. Provides muscle gains.
  2. Burns fat fast, without loss of muscle mass.
  3. Gives you a burst of energy.
  4. Boosts your sex drive.
  5. Lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.


New Bodybuilder: 100mg 3 times a week for a total cycle of 8 weeks.

Intermediate bodybuilder: 75mg oper day for a total cycle of 8 weeks.

Experienced bodybuilder: 100mg every day for a total cycle of 8 weeks.


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