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  • Name: Clomid / Clomiphene Citrate
  • Manufacturer: ANFARM HELLAS S.A
  • Contains: Clomid 50mg 24 Tablets

Clomifene is the main active ingredient in Clomid (Clomifene citrate). This medication inhibits estrogen by attaching to the receptors on the hypothalamus.

During a steroid treatment, this product can be utilized for both a support treatment as well as for healing, with a mild choice for healing.

By fighting estrogen, Clomid likewise deals with versus negative effects like gynecomastia. As an estrogen inhibitor, it assists reactivate the manufacturing of androgen hormonal agents. This is needed after a cycle, due to the fact that as you recognize, after a treatment your androgen degree falls drastically and you have to aid your body reactivate natural production.

It additionally counters the body’s adverse responses loop for estrogen, which can boost the HPG axis (hypothalamus-pituitary-gonadal axis). This subsequently can stimulate LH (luteinizing hormonal agent) as well as FSH (roots stimulating hormonal agent), which will certainly launch testosterone.

This medication is most appropriate at the end of a cycle. Several body builders utilize Clomid during their PCT to aid naturally recover testosterone.


50mg – 100mg / day.

Your dosage can be taken at one time during breakfast or split between your morning and evening meals.


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