John Kiefer Admits Carb Backloading Is Wrong

The stance of myself and FIT’N’FLEXED on the notion of CARB BACKLOADING, has been disproven by it’s very creator, John Kiefer.

Since it’s inception, carb backloading has subsequently been picked up and spread further by a Mr Olympia IFBB pro bodybuilder competitor, who has sold the notion to some of his fans. 

Carb backloading is the notion of not consuming carbs in the morning and consuming them later on for superior fat loss.

To quote John Kiefer: “Carb Back-Loading is simply you don’t eat carbs during the first half of the day, you basically ignore all the health experts out there, and then at night, after you train you can eat a lot of carbs and not gain body fats and actually gain muscle mass and lose body fat.” 

In a recent podcast on “The Fat-Burning Man”, John has admitted that this notion is false:

Interviewer: So let’s talk about some of the stuff you were wrong about, the ones that were the most surprising for you in regards to carbonate or carb backloading that you thought was one way but is perhaps another?

Kiefer:.…Eh…..that’s gonna open up a can of worms. So I’m pretty much convinced that the insulin hypothesis as it stands is totally wrong. Insulin is not the culprit that is causing issues…..and that came up because a lot of people actually made really good arguments about insulin release when you have other types of meals,it’s almost unavoidable …because as you eat you get GLP1 (glucagon like peptide 1 – for unawares) Increase, which will make you release insulin, regardless. You have that and certain proteins have really strong insulin responses but we still see fat loss in those instances…..So I started looking deeper into it and insulin alone isn’t actually the main problem, it’s a combination of effects. It’s very distinctly insulin plus glucose. So in essence a very good Q is that high carb people make is that insulin levels are not always chronically elevated – it only happens once you’re sick and diabetic.

But part of the insulin and ketosis, you know insulin control in ketosis is the solution, part of their argument is that insulin is high all the time thats whats forcing extra nutrients into fat tissues and so on and so forth and causing insensitivty …..but…that doesn’t jive, it just, logically doesn’t make sense.


I’ve said for sometime it’s a fallacy – you CANNOT hack the bodies energy balance system with carbohydrate timing.

A big congratulations to John Kiefer for admitting he’s wrong, for that is the big victory here. The only winner is science – he doesn’t lose and those like myself don’t win.

Let’s hope those who have been spreading this follow suit too!

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